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The 13th National Academic Symposium on Maize Cultivation Held in Guangzhou
    The 13th National Academic Symposium on Maize Cultivation was held from December 10 to 12 in Guangzhou. The theme of the symposium was ¡°New opportunities, new challenges, new developments for maize cultivation¡±. Over 270 participants attended the conference. During the conference the participants presented academic reports and exchanges, visited the 12th Seed Industry Expo in Guangdong Province, and watchedthe exhibition of new varieties of  sweet-waxy maize.

A total of36 experts and graduate students  gave lectures in the conference, and 89 papers were embodied in the conference abstracts. Conference focused on eight main topics: 1) challenges and future research directions and priorities of maize cultivation; 2) the patterns of root system development, grain filling, and tillering,and their relationships with maize production; 3) research progress on efficient use of nitrogen and phosphorus, fertilizer recommendation system and integrated management of water and fertilizer; 4) experience of high yield achievement and realization of ¡°half tons per acre¡±; 5) influence of high temperature, drought, waterlog, storms and other natural calamities on maize growth and yield and techniques of stress tolerance and disasteralleviation; 6) the status of maize mechanical production, research progress of mechanical harvesting grain,modes of mechanical production and topsoil regulation techniques; 7) the relationship of seed vigor and seed quality and its impact on corn production; 8) developmental status of  sweet-waxy maize industry and key production techniques.

The communication among the delegateson experiences in maize research and production and explorationof the developing direction of modern corn production have a profound impact to enhance the level of innovation of corn cultivation theory and technical development capabilities and to promote the development of maize production in our country. It wasdecided that the 14th National Academic Symposium on Maize Cultivation will be held in 2015, in Baoding, Hebei.

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