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2013 CSSC Annual Academic Conference held in Zhengzhou, Henan Province

The 2013 Annual Academic Conference for Crop Science Society of China (CSSC)was held in Zhengzhou, Henan Province from October 21 to 22. The conference was sponsored by CSSC and organized byHenan Agricultural University, Crop Science Society of Henan Province, Department of Agriculture of Henan Province and Henan Academy of Agricultural Sciences. Nearly 1000 expertsand reserchers across the country participated in the event.

By focusing on the theme"Modern Agriculture and Food Security", the conference covered food security, bio-breeding, modern cultivation and tillage and development of seed industry, digital character development of crop production, innovation of germplasm resources and varieties.The conference summed up the current research situation of crop science and technology, the stageachievements and research progress of modern agriculture and crop technology, new achievements, and the opportunities and challenges of crop science in teaching, research, services for economic and social development, and ensurance of national food security.

The conference invited six academicians, Gai Junyi, Luo Xiwen, Wu Kongming, Chen Wenfu, Xie Huaan, and Zhu Yuxian, and 40 well-known experts and professors to give lectureson Chinese crop sciencedevelopment, achievements, positions and functions and strategic adjustments in the new era eare. These academic reports laid a solid foundation to establish crop science theory with Chinese characteristics in the new period, widely promoted the research field, expanded the service scopes, increased the depth of research and improved the level of achievements. The conference set up three venues to cover the three topics: biotechnology, crop genetics and breeding, crop cultivation and tillage. Graduate forum and poster presentations also become the important form of communication in the conference, and attracted graduate students and scholars to participate. The conference elected Outstanding Young Academic Reports Award and Outstanding Young Poster Award ceremony. In addition, the conference received 177 papers which were compiled as the conference proceeding for communication and study after the conference.

The annual academic conference promotes mutual cooperation and academic exchanges in various branches of the crop disciplinary system, and actively facilitatescientific and technological innovation of the cropand should make important contribution to the protection of national food security and the applicationof science and technologyon agricultural production.
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