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15thNationwide Symposium ofHigh-quality and High-yield Rice Theory and TechnologyHeld in Kunming (August 21-23)

The symposium was jointly sponsored by CSSC Cultivation Committee and theRice Industry Branch, and organized by Crop Science and Society of Yunnan Province and the Institute of Food Crops,Yunnan Academy of Agriculture Sciences. Over 350 experts and representatives from around the country attended the symposium.

The symposium received 116 papers (some will be published and other were  forcommunication in the conference), in addition toa number of monographs and proceedings. Fortyexperts and representatives including Prof. Ling Qihong, Prof. Zhang Hongcheng, Prof. Pan Xiaohua, Prof. Ding Yanfeng, Prof.Zhu Defeng and Pro. Zou Yingbin delivered lectures in the symposium. The topicswere not only rich in content, but also covered several aspects such as precise quantitative cultivation, population quality control, scientific fertilization, water-saving irrigation, integrated pest management, quality improvement of rice, improvementof the environment to paddy fields, molecular biology, remote sensing, modeling, and food safety.A few technologies for high-yielding were demonstrated.  The present of more papers about mechanical productionanddirect-seeding cultivation on rice indicates that the research area of rice cultivation will be more and more broad andmore close to actualproduction. These will accelerate rice production and transformmodern agriculture with more innovation.

The organizing committee and all the delegates agreeded that the 16th Nationwide Symposium of High-quality and High-yield Rice Theory and Technology will be held in Guiyang in 2015, and will be sponsored by Guizhou Academy of Agricultural Sciences.

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