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Minutes of 2013 National Maize Genetic Breeding Symposium
    The 2013 National Maize Genetic Breeding Symposium was held in Jinzhong City, Shanxi province from August 23 to 26. The theme of the symposium was "To carry forward Jingxiong¡¯s scientific spirit , To promote cooperation and innovation between academics research and seed industry"The symposiumwas sponsored by The Maize Committee of CSSC and the MOA Key Laboratory of Maize Biology and Genetic Breeding andorganized by Shanxi Academy of Agricultural Sciences and Crop Science Society of Shanxi Province. Co-organizerswere Shanxi Agricultural Seeds Station, Maize Research Institute, Shanxi Academy of Agricultural Sciences and Shanxi Dafeng Seed Co.,LTD. More than 600 people from research institutes, agricultural colleges, seeds companies across the country attended the meeting. Thesymposium particularly invited more than 60 students and 30 senior experts/professorswho have made contributions to maize genetics and breeding in China.

Deputy Director of Department of Crop Production, the Ministry of Agriculture Pan Wenbo, Executive vice-Chairman of CSSC, professor Wan Jianminof Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, professor Li Shaokunof Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, professor Song Rentaoof Shanghai University and several other experts gave presentations in the symposium. The conference received 130 papers on maize genetic breeding. to the conference was then divided intothree sections:"normal corn breeding and industrialization", "corn genetics and molecular biology" and "fresh corn".The group reports covered the contents: from common maize breeding to sweet glutinous corn to sweet-waxy maize breeding, from molecular-breeding to haploid breeding, from quality breeding to resistnacebreeding, from macro to micro development of industry, and from innovation of scientific research to construction of system in enterprises. These excellent plenary lectures and sectionreports represented the forefront and the most advanced levelof corn genetics and breeding in China. The participantsdiscussed the research topics and maizeseed industry, and applications of scientific achievements and their contribution the development of agriculture and food production.Six students were chosen by a panel of experts to award  certificates and prizes for their excellent presentions, one first prize, two second prizes and three third prizes.

The conference also has a field exhibition of more than 300 different types of maize varieties.On the afternoon of August 26, the attendeeshad a site visit toThe New Maize Variety Demonstration Base of Shanxi Dafeng Seed Company(LTD).

The meeting also held acommemoration event forthe 100th anniversary of Mr. Li Jingxiong. The participants firstly watched the biography documentary of Mr. Li Jingxiongand then recalledthe memory of his good academic spiritsof ¡°rigorous scholarship, hard-thinking, hardworking,plain-living, self-discipline, and patient guiding of the young generations¡±. In the end, the meeting proposed to establish the  Li Jingxiong maize technology award foundation

The attendees unanimously agree, that the symposium fully showcased the latest research developments on maize genetics, germplasm innovation, molecular breeding and industrializationin China.Itplayed a positive role in strengthening academic exchanges in the field ofmaize genetics and breeding industry, demonstratedthe latest achievements inmaize breeding, promotedthe cooperation between research institutes and seed companies, and acceleratedthe development of maize genetics and breeding and seed industry in China.
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