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According to relevant provisions of <Management Measures for Science and Technology Award Established by Social Forces>, CSSC established ¡°Science and Technology Achievement Award¡± in 2006. This award aims to encourage and reward members with outstanding achievements in crop science and technology, to muster the innovation enthusiasm among crop science and technology workers so as to facilitate the progress of crop science and technology in China. CSSC also calls on it members to learn their innovation spirits, their fortitude in science exploration, objective research attitude so as to make greater contribution to the prosperity of crop science and technology, the development of agriculture and rural economy as well as the development of a country full of innovation. Candidates for the award are selected every two years under the principle of fairness, justice, and openness. To date, the Award has been successfully held for four times and has become the highest award in crop science field.

List of the award winners:

The 1st secession (2006)   Longan Yan, Qihong Ling

The 2nd secession (2008)   Shuxun Yu, Weixing Cao, Tongming Song

The 3rd secession (2010)   Lianzheng Wang, Shuting Dong, Weigang Xu

The 4th secession (2012)   Shihua Cheng, Xinyou Zhang, Hongcheng Zhang
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